Flue Lining

Village Stoves & Fires always recommend that your chimney or flue should be re-lined before fitting a wood burning or multifuel stove. This protects against the harmful gases that could be escaping from your existing stack should the masonry be in a poor state. Our flue lining installers will always recommend the correct flue liner for a specific job.

During the stove installation process Village Stoves & Fires use flue and chimney liners designed for lining an existing flue or chimney. It is a twin wall liner where both inner and outer layers are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It’s corrugated outer skin helps maintain a high crush resistance and the smooth inner skin resists corrosive attack due to easy drain down of moisture, resulting in less opportunity for soot collection. The smooth inner surface also makes the sweeping of the flue much easier. The inner skin remains smooth and protective even after the rigours of installation which as you can expect can be fairly extreme. Our flue lining installers are all fully trained with years of experience and are happy to give advice over the phone or by email.