Chimney Sweeps

Since the 19th century the process of having a chimney swept has progressed, it is now quick clean and efficient and is part and parcel of every installation we carry out at Village Stoves & Fires. All chimneys should be swept at least once a year. Heavy use of wood or coal in a multi fuel stove means sweeping every 6 months.

Please remember that typical use of a wood burning stove may only be between the months of October to March so on average the use of open fires / stoves has decreased considerably due to other heat sources such as gas central heating.Our flue lining installers usually work with the chimney sweep to clear Birds’ Nests, Blockages and Soot, these all form part of our service at Village Stoves & Fires. It is always necessary to access the roof to install a flue lining, check or remove loose cowls so the brush can clear the chimney pot and the flue lining can easily be installed. We always supply and fit chimney pots, cowls or bird guard etc. that are best suited to your stove and the aspect of your property. Please note that serious blockages which cannot be cleared with a normal chimney rod set are dealt with seperately and do not form part of the sweep that we include in our stove installation service.