DEFRA approved Stoves

DEFRA Stoves should be installed by a qualified HETAS registered DEFRA stove installer as they have been approved by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and are suitable for burning certain fuels in a smokeless zone. On this page is a selection of images of DEFRA approved stoves that we have had experience of fitting.

Stoves that are exempt from the smoke control restrictions are usually highly efficient and utilise a tertiary air system that re-ignites the excess fumes as they raise from the fire. In some cases just by limiting the closure of the airwash vent has achieved the desired result by preventing the stove running inefficiently at a low temperature which would normally have caused excess smoke emissions. To use a DEFRA stove properly, the manufacturer`s instructions should be strictly adhered to when selecting fuel types, for instance if your wood is damp the stove will always emit excess smoke therefore not utilising fully the stoves DEFRA approval.